About Us

We are situated on Acomb Green, York.

Originally named the 'Grey Orville' in the beginning, then 'The Grey Horse' right up until 1838 when it became what we all know and love,,,

We have a large variety of Ales, Lagers and Food on offer.
Come and join us for a pint or two.

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Friday, 1 June 2018

Guest Beer 30/05/19

What Beers are Hiding in the Cellar??

They are all just waiting for YOU!!

Black Sheep - Holy Grail
Bradfield - Farmers Blonde 
J W Lees  - Bitter
Leeds - Pale 
Marstons - Bombardier Golden

Roosters - Yankee

Sharps - Atlantic

Theakstons - Lightfoot
Timothy Taylor - Boltmaker

and what would you like to see on the bar??


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